Cerillion lands wholesale billing/managed services deal with Eniig

Cerillion BSS OSS
Image credit: Profit_Image / Shutterstock.com

Cerillion announced it is working with Eniig, an electricity and fiber communications provider in Denmark, to implement a new wholesale platform based on its Enterprise BSS/OSS suite.

Cerillion is delivering its Enterprise Product Catalogue, CRM Plus, Revenue Manager, Service Manager and Enterprise Service Bus modules, as well as providing a complete managed service as part of the three-year contract.

In the rapidly transforming Danish wholesale market, Eniig has created an innovative position in the value chain between fibre owners and CSPs, simplifying customer acquisition for resellers and harmonizing onboarding for the network owners, said Eniig Fiber CEO Søren Lindgaard.

“We have already had a great start to our collaboration, and we are confident that we together with Cerillion will be able to create a wholesale platform that will transform us and maybe the industry as we know it today,” he said.

“The investment required to roll out fiber networks makes it ideally suited to a wholesale model where multiple retailers share the same access network, but can still package their own unique service offerings,” says Louis Hall, CEO of Cerillion.

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