China Mobile International (CMI) launches Singapore data centre

China Mobile International Launches Singapore Data Centre

China Mobile International Limited (CMI) today officially launched its Singapore data centre. Built and fully-owned by CMI, the six-floor facility is its first overseas data centre and the second in its Asia Pacific cloud network.

The launch marks another key milestone in the build-out of CMI’s global network and carries far-reaching implications, supporting the growing digital economy in the Asia Pacific region, driving global high-speed connections and helping lay the groundwork for the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative.

In the era of digital transformation, enterprises in the Asia Pacific look to reap the benefits of harness the cloud, which drives the demands for data center services in the region. In Cushman & Wakefield’s February 2019 Asia and Australia Data Centre Reports highlights the robust fibre infrastructure and Singapore’s relatively central location in Asia allows for low latency to many key regional markets. Major construction is underway as demand continues unabated in various key Asian markets including Singapore. In response to enormous customer demand in Singapore and Asia Pacific, CMI has developed and now launched its Singapore data centre.

The data centre connects directly to CMI’s Local Ring in Singapore and its Asia Pacific submarine cable systems, the SJC, APG and SJC2 and to the Asia-to-Europe SMW5 cable system. This provides seamless connections within and between Asia Pacific, Indian Ocean, Europe, Middle East and Africa, giving customers wide-ranging high-speed connectivity with CMI’s extensive global network resources.

Through its Singapore data centre, CMI is committed to driving the development of its connectivity, cloud and content delivery network (CDN) solutions and further developing its cable system, network infrastructure and cloud service. Providing access to public cloud providers, the data centre helps enterprises deploy multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud solutions and connect their networks across the globe, delivering secure and reliable cloud deployment, plus end-to-end management services.  

Located in Singapore Tai Seng Industrial Park, the CMI Singapore Data Centre houses more than 2,100 racks in a gross area of 17,490 square metres. It was designed in accordance with international Tier III+ TCDD and TCCF data centre standards to offer optimal capabilities, high efficiency and scalability. In addition to incorporating a high-standard security model to protect the Data Centre, CMI also upgraded the Data Hall power specification to a full-redundancy 2N uninterrupted power supply (UPS) with 15-minute power backup under full-load, with an N+1 diesel generator configuration with fuel storage for 24 hours under full-load. The facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology including a new modular UPS system, with a chilled water double pipe system providing 24-hourcontinuous cooling.  CMI aims for the highest efficiency and the overall configuration has been awarded Green Mark’s highest-level Platinum certification, whilst providing highly stable and reliable IDC services to our customers.

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