China Mobile taps Huawei’s MEC tech for smart stadium pilot

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China Mobile Beijing and Huawei Technologies have announced the launch of a pilot project for a smart stadium at Beijing South Railway Station based on Huawei’s multi-access edge computing (MEC) solution.

Huawei says its MEC@CloudEdge solution will enable China Mobile to integrate specific video content sources into the edge gateway of the smart stadium. China Mobile users at the stadium will be able to watch videos from content sources by scanning a QR code and signing up for video package subscriptions.

The MEC@CloudEdge solution enables local service steering, local operations, and communication capabilities exposure. Through the solution, users will pay less while gaining benefits including low-latency, low freeze rate, and an ultra-HD viewing experience that is exclusive to the stadium, Huawei says.

As a service container built in edge networks, the MEC@CloudEdge solution flexibly integrates third-party applications and opens pipe capabilities in a way that helps carriers develop more business scenarios.

OTT players can utilize the resulting network capabilities to manage a flexible charging strategy that will attract more users. China Mobile is using the solution to provide highly competitive packages to build a larger mobile video user base with higher stickiness, and is also benefiting from a share of the profits of OTT players.

Huawei says the project is expected to generate “tens of millions of US dollars” in revenue for China Mobile.

Moving forward, MEC-based applications such as VR videos and AR games, which place higher demands on network bandwidth and computing processing capabilities, will become commonplace in smart stadiums, said Dai Jisheng, VP of Huawei’s Packet Core Network product line.

“As smart stadiums and other innovative services develop, MEC will play an increasingly important role as an enabler of 5G networks,” said Dai.

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