China Telecom selects Huawei’s Blade OTN for 5G fronthaul

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Huawei announced that China Telecom (Liaoning) will utilize its Blade optical transport network (OTN) solution as part of its 5G-oriented cloud radio access network (C-RAN) fronthaul network.

The fronthaul networks will enable Liaoning Telecom to effectively cope with denser site deployment requirements for 5G in addition to further improving existing 4G network coverage.

To meet user experience requirements of mobile broadband, Liaoning Telecom has been gradually adopting C-RAN architecture to cope with difficulties in site acquisition and energy consumption. However, because C-RAN network architecture consumes a large amount of fiber resources at the access layer, there will be a severe shortage of fiber resources in the coming 5G era due to the need for denser site deployment. Liaoning Telecom needs a solution that will allow it to conserve fiber resources and quickly improve wireless network coverage. 

As the sub-solution of Huawei’s X-Haul solution, Blade OTN is fronthaul-oriented. It uses Huawei’s Turbo WDM Technology to achieve 100G bandwidth using 10G optical components. It supports a maximum of 15 channels of Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI, the C-RAN fronthaul interface) access, and implements aggregation of multiple service channels at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) that Huawei says will help Liaoning Telecom reduce core fiber requirements by over 90%. 

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