China Telecom Shanghai and Huawei slice up the access network

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China Telecom Shanghai and Huawei Technologies have announced a successful trial of Huawei’s access network slicing solution.

The solution involves slicing the access network to connect homes, enterprises, and campuses, improving overall network utilization, new service provisioning rates, and network security and reliability. The new solution will enable operators to use a single network to deliver all types of services, Huawei says.

“With this function, multiple services can be independently carried, operated, maintained, and managed on one network, helping operators improve device utilization, lower the O&M cost, and achieve business successes,” said Jeff Wang, President of Huawei Access Network Product Line.

China Telecom Shanghai has different user groups, such as high-value enterprise private line users, common home users, and common campus users. The user base of China Telecom Shanghai has grown continuously, resulting in insufficient equipment room space and high power consumption.

To solve these problems, Huawei has developed what it says is the first access network slicing solution based on its OLT MA5800 distributed smart platform.

The optimal line terminal (OLT) hardware is shared by services through network slicing, and all segments are isolated from each other. In this way, service reliability and network security are guaranteed, equipment room space is saved, power consumption is lowered, and physical resources can be flexibly configured and independently managed based on user demands.

“Traditional OLTs do not support the access of full services. Network slicing enables service isolation and optimizes resource utilization,” said Zhang Jun, Vice Chief Engineer of China Telecom Shanghai. “This is why we use MA5800s on gigabit networks. Network slicing is our first step toward cloud. It is now being including in the related technical standards of China Telecom. In the future, we will cooperate with Huawei to further optimize network slicing.”

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