China Telecom launches HK-Guandong-Macao digital solutions

China Telecom’s grand launch event for its series of digital solutions catering to the Greater Bay Area was livestreamed across Hong Kong, Macao and Shenzhen simultaneously today. Pictured (from left to right) are: Ou Yan, China Telecom Global’s Executive Vice President; Dr David Chung Wai Keung, JP, Under Secretary for Innovation & Technology, The Government of HKSAR; Wu Yi, Deputy Director of Digital Centre, China Merchant Group Limited; and Han Zhuo, China Telecom Global’s Executive Vice President - who joined the launch ceremony in Hong Kong.

China Telecom Corporation Limited (China Telecom), a global communications service provider offering abundant international submarine and terrestrial cable network resources, has announced the launch of a series of digital solutions catering specifically to the needs of clients operating the Greater Bay Area to support operational improvement and innovation by leveraging cloud-network convergence.

The grand launch event, with the theme of “A Powerful Ecosystem – Connecting the Greater Bay Area with smart networks” was livestreamed across Hong Kong, Macao and Shenzhen in Guangdong, simultaneously today.

Driving network development in the Greater Bay Area with competitive, high-speed, and secure connections

In recent years, China Telecom has built several large-capacity networks in the Greater Bay Area, including the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Network Interconnection System, Shenzhen-Hong Hong and Zhuhai-Macao fibre networks, local optical networks in Hong Kong, and backbone extension networks in Mainland China. These networks span major hubs and data centre zones in all the 9+2 key node cities across the region.

Based on the largest, 32 directions all Optical Cross-Connect (OXC) network in the region, China Telecom has created the “FIRST” Premium Leased Line for the Greater Bay Area, offering end to end intelligent control and bandwidth scheduling. Each city in the region will benefit from a minimum of two nodes, multi-routing and full grid connection, offering the most powerful bandwidth scheduling and abundant secure routing options to provide bandwidth scheduling in minutes and network recovery in milliseconds. Thanks to the new service, customers can create a 0.675ms bilateral connection between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Deng Xiaofeng, CEO, China Telecom Global said, “As the only operator in the Greater Bay Area that owns physical network resources in Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong, China Telecom is actively promoting cloud-network convergence. Our fast, intelligent, reliable, secure and low-latency fixed and mobile networks combined with our dense cloud ecosystem, will satisfy the growing demand from clients for specialised, personalised and diverse cloud services, and demonstrates our commitment to empowering the development of the Greater Bay Area.”

Delivering unified operations whilst building a win-win ecosystem for the Greater Bay Area

The grand launch event leveraged China Telecom’s premium leased lines and video communication solution to successfully livestream between venues in Hong Kong, Macao and Shenzhen, significantly reducing the perceived distance between these cities.  

As the only mobile operator with licenses in Mainland China, Macao and Hong Kong, China Telecom provides customers in the region with integrated mobile data packages, allowing them to use one SIM card to access the mobile network of all three territories and enjoy seamless cross-border mobile communication. This innovative service will not only enable enterprises in the Greater Bay Area to easily support the development of both the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of People (IoP), but also it will benefit businessmen and overseas visitors in the region as they seek to embrace efficient and convenient mobile technologies.

Going forward, China Telecom will continue to fully support the rapid development of the digital economy in the Greater Bay Area. Its position as a leading integrated intelligent service operator that is contributing to the establishment of a world-class city cluster and an international innovation and technology hub in the region, means it already can deliver clear advantages to its customers and partners.

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