China Unicom Global taps BICS for global roaming hub

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BICS has announced that China Unicom Global has deployed its Instant Roaming hub to provide customers with high-quality connectivity wherever they may roam.

BICS’ Roaming Hub platform will help China Unicom Global offer worldwide roaming coverage and immediate access to mobile networks across the globe. The Instant Roaming solution, which requires no investment from China Unicom, is fully hosted on BICS’ global network infrastructure.

The decision to use BICS’ Instant Roaming hub is tied to CUG’s move at the beginning of 2017 to launched its overseas MVNO service CUniq in HK, UK and US. CUniq offers multiple numbers on a single SIM card and worldwide data sharing at local data prices.

BICS says it has seen the number of roaming customers increase by 34%, while the data roaming traffic increased by 265% year-on-year. That growth is fueled by the increase in demand for better mobile experiences whether subscribers are at home or overseas, and the rising need of global connectivity for a multitude of new connected devices.

BICS chief commercial officer Nicholas Nikrouyan said the operator’s Instant Roaming solution enables companies like CUG to “eliminate the complexities and inefficiencies of the traditional bilateral agreement model usually required to achieve global roaming.”

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