China Unicom Global signs IPX peering deals with HGC, PCCW Global, Chunghwa

China Unicom
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China Unicom Global (CUG) has signed direct bilateral IPX peering agreements with PCCW Global, Hutchison Global Communications (HGC) and Chunghwa Telecom to enable direct interconnection between their respective IPX networks.

CUG says the IPX peering deals will expand China Unicom’s mobile roaming coverage areas and provide mobile customers in corresponding countries/regions with high-quality telecommunication services, including 3G, LTE voice, data roaming, voice transport and advanced IP-based services such as VoLTE, HD video calls and video conferencing.

CUG executive vice president Yuerui Ma said CUG IPX will become a critical platform for its international roaming data exchange. “CUG wants to jointly promote direct connection among mobile networks in Asia-Pacific by using IPX, and provide faster, stabler and more secure international roaming services for mobile customers.”

In a separate statement from HGC, Andrew Kwok, president of International and Carrier Business at Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong), said the peering agreement enables HGC to extend network connectivity for its Hutch-IPX platform into mainland China and opens up the potential for the operator to reach more than one billion mobile users.

“We believe this demonstrates that our group-to-group peering strategy to extend the Hutch IPX platform into various geographies is working well,” Kwok said.

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