Chinese consumers watch more long-form video on mobile: report

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Chinese mobile video consumers tend to watch longer-length content on smartphones, which could spell an opportunity for manufacturers to pre-install video services on smartphones that offer exclusive benefits.

That’s a key finding from recent study from the User Experience Strategies (UXS) Service at Strategy Analytics that assessed behaviors, preferences, and attitudes of Chinese mobile video consumers towards video services.

According to the study, participants reported spending more time watching videos on smartphones than other connected devices, including connected TVs and computers.

Also, Strategy Analytics says that the type of content watched on a smartphone by Chinese consumers is becoming similar to what they used to only watch on devices with a larger display – longer content including movies, TV series, and variety shows.

As the time spent on video being viewed on a smartphone is likely to keep increasing in China, the mobile video viewing experience will become more important and the ability to fulfil consumers’ changing needs of mobile video viewing will be vital, the report says.

A strong willingness to pay for video content was also exhibited due to an increasing lack of free content in China, said Chris Schreiner, SA’s director of syndicated research, UXIP.

“An important behavioral and attitudinal change of mobile video consumers in China in 2016 was that they were much more willing to pay a subscription fee for video content,” he said. “Moreover, some consumers have already been paying for multiple video services to watch desired content, which reveals a new opportunity for hardware manufacturers to seek closer cooperation with video service providers.”

Kevin Nolan, vice president, UXIP added, “This provides the opportunity to pre-install video services on smartphones that offer exclusive benefits such as content aggregation from multiple sources, one subscription to access multiple services and discounted or free subscription offers. This can only work to improve brand attractiveness and consumer loyalty.”

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