Chunghwa pilot team kicks off 5G ecosystem development in Taiwan

chunghwa telecom
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Chunghwa Telecom has officially inaugurated its CHT Pilot Team of the Taiwan 5G Alliance, which aims to accelerate the development of the 5G industry and related services in Taiwan.

Linking together more than 40 corporations and organizations from the government, academia, and research sectors, the Taiwan 5G Alliance was co-founded by Chunghwa, the Department of Industrial Technology of MOEA, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, and the Institute for Information Industry under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and the National Communication Commission.

The CHT Pilot Team aims to launch pre-commercial 5G networks in 2020 with the vision of building a world-class 5G industry chain in Taiwan that is at the forefront of global development and commercial deployment, said Yu Cheng, chairman and CEO of Chunghwa Telecom.

“Taiwan has played an important role in the global development of the information and communication industries,” he said. “We will establish Taiwan as an important player in the global 5G value chain.”

Chunghwa says it has built up its in-house 5G trial field with collaboration from companies in the chips, end equipment, small cells, edge computing, services platform, information security, and content industries to foster the development of 5G services and to explore business opportunities overseas. During Mobile World Congress 2017, Chunghwa signed separate 5G-related MoUs with Ericsson and Nokia.

Chunghwa also said it will continue to actively participate in the government’s national initiatives in 2018, including DIGI +, The Infrastructure Plan, The Asia Silicon Valley Development Plan, smart cities, and IoT.

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