Chunghwa Telecom upgrades Verimatrix VCAS to support 4K streaming

chunghwa telecom
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Verimatrix announced that Chunghwa Telecom has upgraded to the latest generation of the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS) to secure new delivery models and support next-generation services and technology as it its multimedia-on-demand (MoD) offering to include UHD/4K streaming.

Architected to enable the transition towards IP and software-based video delivery, VCAS Ultra extends operators’ reach to premium UHD services and advanced hybrid network deployments. VCAS Ultra also enables operators to take advantage of physical or virtual configurations to support cloud system integrations. It features enhanced content security profiles to meet MovieLabs’ defined UHD service requirements—including fully integrated multi-network VideoMark watermarking technology, as well as TEE support.

A key driver for Chunghwa Telecom transitioning to VCAS Ultra is that Verimatrix offers the flexibility for it to be integrated with any IPTV middleware solution, including one Chunghwa developed specifically for its new UHD/4K platform, said Verimatrix president Steve Oetegenn.

“We can relieve the burden by evolving the existing VCAS framework into one that supports its new UHD/4K platform and ensures compliance with the redefined range of security requirements that come with it,” he said.

Chunghwa Telecom is an existing Verimatrix customer, having used its VCAS architecture to provide solutions for secure video delivery since 2012.

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