The CIA has released their files on UFOs, but will we learn anything?

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The CIA, after a lot of hounding by one John Greenewald, has released all of its publicly available files on UFOs, dating back to the 1970s and 80s.

Before rushing off to see beautifully shot videos of UFOs, it will come as no surprise that the CIA was not keen on releasing the information and, as such, much of the reports have been redacted. In fact, the agency did not exactly publish its reports in downloadable form, much of it was in text or .pdf format and Greenewald had to scan some 2,000 pages, one at a time.

The reports cover a multitude of UFO sightings. From a mysterious explosion in a remote town in the USSR to a hand-delivered report to the then Director of the agency. You can take your pick, from the Black Vault. And, it seems, more is to follow.

Of course, the problem is that the reports are in civil service language, delivered by fax and large sections are blacked out.

Meanwhile, there are sources of actual videos of UFOs, bearing in mind that UFOs are just that – Unidentified Flying Objects, not extraterrestrials (necessarily). The US Navy was given permission to release some of its sightings, and they make interesting, if not exactly nerve-tingling, watching. They are generally of unidentified objects travelling very fast (and sometimes changing direction with extraordinary agility). Some are, according to a retired CIA Director, ‘eyebrow-raising’.

However, the sightings keep coming, and the latest one, a blue telegraph pole type object, was spotted by a whole family, who watched it ditch into the sea off Hawaii.

Greenewald has a lot of work ahead of him, to see if there is anything in there that proves the existence of aliens, who are whizzing about in their UFOs.

This, clearly, is what we really want to know.

Whilst some of the Navy videos are compelling, if blurry, you have to wonder about the recent story of a Galactic Federation visiting us, but didn’t want to disturb. A senior Israeli intelligence officer said that a delegation had been in contact with him, and American officers but they don’t think people are ready to contact alien civilisations.

Logically, this story should appear amongst the reports that the CIA has released. It is the big story that we have been waiting for and proves, if true that at least some of the UFOs contain aliens, who are waiting to say hello.

Whilst it is easy to say we are not ready, it is also easy to say we never will be, and leave us alone. What is possible is that we are being prepared for contact, so that we will not have collective heart attacks when contact is made, possibly reasonably soon (some might say that after the last year, we are ready for anything).

What is also possible is that the reason that the CIA has finally released its ‘publicly available files’ is that there is nothing much to report, nothing to see here and especially not proof of UFOs.


  1. We are not humans and they are not aliens.this game has escalated to another level where we are being outsmarted by their deceptive intelligence.knowing oneself at the level of existence will restore back ones intelligence to outcast them altogether…

  2. Well, from what i saw on a UFO website, apparently it may have been leaked already because from what I saw, it said “REDACTED Weather Balloons REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED Swamp Gas REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED.”

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