CITIC Telecom CPC adds Darktrace to managed security arsenal

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Darktrace has entered into a strategic partnership with CITIC Telecom CPC, a wholly owned subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International, to bring “next-generation cyber defense” to businesses across Asia Pacific.

Under the partnership, CITIC Telecom CPC will bring Darktrace’s AI-based Enterprise Immune System technology to market as part of its managed security services portfolio across multiple branches.

Asia Pacific businesses are battling fierce attacks on a daily basis. New-age attacks, like polymorphic malware, constantly evolve to evade traditional securities and human eyes at the border. Other stealthy actors can move laterally across the network, looking for the crown jewels before they strike. Meanwhile, loud and indiscriminate attacks, like ransomware, can wreak havoc within minutes as criminals grind business operations to a halt in an attempt to extort money from crippled organizations. China’s educational institutions and smaller Asian enterprises were hard hit in the recent WannaCry outbreak, prompting businesses to safeguard against future attacks.

Darktrace claims its Enterprise Immune System mimics the self-learning intelligence of the human immune system, building an understanding of the “pattern of life” of every user and device on a network. It can then identify emerging threats in real time and issue an autonomous response akin to “digital antibodies” to neutralize an attack before it has inflicted damage.

Darktrace CEO Nicole Eagan said that the system is “proven across over 2,400 deployments” and the “only AI able to automatically fight back against in-progress threats.”

“As we have seen from the headlines, humans are consistently outpaced by increasingly automated threats, organizations increasingly recognize that traditional defenses focused on past threats only provide the most essential protection,” said Daniel Kwong, senior VP of Information Technology and Security Services at CITIC Telecom CPC. “Companies in Asia Pacific need a new approach to remain resilient in the face of brazen, never-seen-before advanced attacks. With Darktrace, our customers can successfully defend against all manner of novel threats.”

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