CMHK and i-Cable forge FMC partnership with a 5G twist

CMHK and i-Cable in FMC partnership with a 5G twist
From left: Irene Leung, COO of i-Cable; Tan Sri Dato’ David Chiu, chair of i-Cable; Dr. Li Feng, chair of CMHK; and Lee Fanfung, CEO of CMHK. Image credit: CMHK

China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) and i-Cable Communications have signed a strategic cross-platform partnership agreement that includes value-added media-related services but is also geared towards CMHK’s 5G strategy.

The partnership aims to enable the two companies to effectively strengthen their network infrastructures, as well as expand and enhance their existing service portfolios through the supply of multimedia content. i-Cable’s telecommunications and cable television network in Hong Kong covers over 95% of the population. It also produces local TV and multi-media programs, and runs several linear cable TV channels.

CMHK chair Dr. Li Feng said the partnership will support its quad-play ambition to offer mobile, fixed line, fiber broadband and smart home services.

“CMHK customers will be able to enjoy a brand-new experience watching [i-Cable] programs via our mobile network,” he said. “By integrating the resources of both parties, the strategic partnership will facilitate CMHK’s development of its home broadband business.”

Li added that the smart home aspect is a key part of the operator’s 5G business model going forward.

“As we enter the 5G era, we will see not only accelerating mobile network speeds, but also the arrival of smart homes, where most home devices will be connected to the internet, becoming part of the Internet of Things,” he said. “Mobile internet service providers will not only have to upgrade cell towers, but they will also require high-speed yet stable transmission network support. The partnership with i-Cable will lay a solid foundation for future 5G development.”

CMHK will leverage i-Cable’s fiber network for home broadband, but will also be supplementing that with its own fiber infrastructure deployments both for home broadband and 5G cell sites.

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