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CommunicAsia2017 news bites: Iridium tracks IoT, Inmarsat Vanuatu pilot, ST Electronics enables 2FA, Global-IP Cayman taps Hughes VSATs

Iridium launches IoT tracking solution

Iridium Communications has officially launched Iridium Edge, a global asset tracking, safety and fleet management device that enables companies of all sizes to rapidly expand their IoT applications beyond cellular coverage.

Iridium Edge can be used to add satellite connectivity for cellular-based applications, or as a fixed location satellite-based monitoring device. Iridium Edge has already been approved for use in major global markets, including the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia with additional markets planned.

Inmarsat supports maritime safety pilot for small ships in Vanuatu

 Inmarsat has made available five Fleet One units to a pilot initiative in Vanuatu that aims to improve maritime safety for small ships connecting island communities in the Pacific archipelago. The pilot project will see Inmarsat provide three months of free data usage, while its 505 emergency and distress calling service is being offered on a permanent basis.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) endorsed capacity-building pilot program is the result of co-operation between the International Mobile Satellite Organization (IMSO) and the Government of Vanuatu.

ST Electronics deploys DigiSAFE Authentication Server

ST Electronics announced the successful deployment of DigiSAFE Authentication Server (DAS) in the National Authentication Framework (NAF), providing government, enterprises and consumers a trusted second-factor authentication (2FA) platform to perform e-transactions securely and efficiently.

DAS has the capability to meet government and financial institutes’ stringent security and high availability specifications for digital identification. It is able to support both one-factor authentification (1FA) and 2FA operations using a variety of digital tokens like hardware and software tokens, mobile SMS OTP, and digital certificates. DAS can also be integrated with existing users’ identity stores such as the Windows Active Directory, enabling a seamless login experience for users and application developers.

Global-IP Cayman taps Hughes VSATs for HTS platform

Hughes Network Systems announced that its Jupiter VSAT system has been selected by Global-IP Cayman as the technology platform to bring high-performance connectivity to mobile devices used throughout the Sub-Saharan Africa region.

The Jupiter System, which supportx the DVB-S2X standard, will be used to provision 100% of the capacity on Global-IP’s GiSat-1 150 Gbps high-throughput satellite (HTS).

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