CNN International Commercial sets up big data division for advertisers

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CNN International Commercial (CNNIC) says it has established a new Audiences and Data center of excellence to invest in data insight, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that will evolve the way advertisers can partner with CNN for pan regional TV and digital campaigns, regardless of the platform.

The Audiences and Data group replaces the linear-focused research function which has traditionally relied on industry surveys for audience insight. Headed by data scientist Mark Sear, who joins CNNIC from EMC Consulting, the Audiences and Data group will harness data to spearhead innovation across all parts of CNN’s international business and deliver evidence-based solutions for CNNIC’s clients.

“Harnessing the explosion of data across pan-regional media is a huge opportunity and a mammoth task for any organization,” said Sear. “These investments in artificial intelligence and data science will bring greater understanding and value to CNN’s international business and open up new conversations about how brands can work with us.”

Areas of focus for the newly-created group include:

  • Predictive analytics for audience segmentation and engagement
  • Use of AI to develop dialogue between brands and audiences as part of the digital advertising experience
  • Advanced partnerships and systems integration between CNNIC and brands, tech companies and universities
  • Development of advanced audience measurement metrics to complement, and eventually replace, the existing linear-focused survey data

CNNIC says this will give CNN and its clients deeper engagement with vast international audiences across linear, digital, mobile and social platforms. It also enables greater insight beyond traditional pan-regional media measurement surveys to understand audience behavior and inform strategic, editorial and commercial decision-making.

The same approach will develop CNNIC’s commercial data proposition through partnerships with clients, and build on the success of CNN Audience Insight Measurement (AIM), which targets commercial content to audience segments, optimizes campaigns and provides meaningful business insights to brands.

Leading these initiatives is Mark Sear, reporting directly to Rani Raad, President, CNN International Commercial. Sear has an impressive track record, most recently as Chief Technology Officer of Big/Fast Data and Analytics, EMEA, at EMC Consulting. Achievements include building predictive analytic solutions for media companies and integrating dozens of data sources for Havas to impact advertising engagement between brands and consumers.

“For 35 years the pan regional TV sector has relied on recall surveys, the power of the brand and smart commercial solutions to deliver value to clients and generate revenues,” said Rani Raad, president of CNNIC. “The creation of our Audiences and Data group … is part of the transformation of our business to put data at the very heart of everything we do across all platforms. For our clients, this means greater insight into the planning, execution and reporting of campaigns to generate deeper engagement with CNN’s audiences and, ultimately, yield better results.”

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