Collaboration is key for 5G use cases – and that’s the challenge

5G use cases

With the first batch of 5G standards completed by the 3GPP, the big question for operators regarding 5G is: “What now?” Or even, “Why now?” While regional operators in markets like South Korea, Japan, China and Singapore move to get an early start on 5G, many others – particularly in Southeast Asia – are still trying to figure out realistic use cases for it first.

That was the topic of a recent 5G roundtable hosted by Huawei. According to Naveen Mishra – industry principal for digital transformation at Frost & Sullivan who participated in the roundtable – one of the key challenges raised during the discussion is that unlike previous ‘Gs’, 5G is much more dependent on collaboration and partnerships to develop viable business cases.

In fact – as Mishra tells Disruptive.Asia managing editor Tony Poulos in the video interview below – one operator has established up to 20 partnerships just to support one use case. That’s why so many operators are approaching 5G with caution and spending so much time with tests and trials.

And that’s also why 5G equipment vendors have been noticeably proactive in working with cellcos to help them make sense of the technology, address their particular challenges and explore use cases that make sense for their customers, whether consumers or enterprises.

Watch the full interview now.

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