Colt to expand metro area network connectivity in Hong Kong and Singapore

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Colt has announced it will expand and enhance its Colt IQ Network in Singapore and Hong Kong this year as part of its plans to invest significantly into Asia over the next three years.  

In Singapore, these investments will revolve around a series of initiatives that include a large-scale expansion of existing coverage, provisioning of high-bandwidth capacity, and new digging projects for Colt’s next-generation fiber. 

The planned network expansion, comprising both optical and Ethernet architecture, will provide high-bandwidth services to major buildings and data centers across Asia. Colt said the investment underlines the growing bandwidth demands of global organizations, particularly in digital, data-intensive industries. With this expansion, Colt claims it will be the only provider with fully-owned fiber metro networks in key Asian cities (including Tokyo, Osaka and Singapore) and major European cities.

Colt’s Singapore-based initiatives are set to begin in April, with Hong Kong and other Asian cities to follow in 2017 and beyond.

The company launched the Colt IP Access Service, expanded etherXEN for AWS connectivity, and introduced E-LAN Services for the Singaporean market in the second half of 2016. 

The operator says it will also augment these investments by adding key submarine cable routes to its backbone and increasing core resiliency, further boosting the reliability of its network. It also plans to support specific requirements of key sectors like capital markets, manufacturing, and the growing bandwidth requirements linked to the Internet of Things and smart cities.

“Last year, Colt demonstrated its commitment to delivering high-bandwidth digital transformation to businesses in Asia that are global yet need local attention, through initiatives including the construction of the Japan National Network,” said Kenji Hioki, CCO Asia at Colt Technology Services. “Today, we continue to build on that investment with our Singapore and Hong Kong expansions, which are designed to deliver the advantages of speed, security, and reliability to businesses looking to connect to markets in Asia and beyond.”

The Colt IQ Network is a 100-Gbps network distributed to 200+ data centers and carrier hotels around the world and optimized for SDN, NFV and cloud services.

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