Colt now offers on-demand access to Google Cloud – globally

Colt Google Cloud
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Colt Technology Services has partnered with Google Cloud to power enterprises digital transformations, by allowing organisations to connect to Google Cloud Platform in real time. 

Colt Technology Services today announced that it will enable enterprises direct, on-demand connections to Google Cloud globally. 

Through the use of Colt’s Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA) offering powered by the Colt IQ Network, customers can connect from enterprise buildings or data centres to their Google Cloud instances with customer-dedicated bandwidth as well as low and deterministic latency.

Coupled with Colt’s On Demand offering, which rolled out further in May, enterprises will now be able to take full control over their network, connecting to Google Cloud in real-time. Managed via a rich self-service portal, On Demand networking allows organisations to flex bandwidth requirements up and down in near real-time as well as bypass legacy service delivery processes and lead times. 

The Colt IQ Network includes a 100Gbps optimised, owned network, distributed to more than 900 data centres and more than 27,500 buildings around the world. 

Enterprises across Europe, Asia and the US can connect to Google Cloud in real-time from today. 

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