Colt plans to expand On Demand SDN to Hong Kong and Singapore

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Colt Technology Services announced that it will expand its On Demand SDN service further into the Asia Pacific region as it continues to chase its ambition to deliver a truly global service.

Following the successful launch of Colt’s On Demand SDN services in Japan, the company plans to launch these services both in Singapore and Hong Kong in Q2 2018.

Colt’s On Demand SDN services are powered by the Colt IQ Network and enable businesses to take full control of their network, scaling high bandwidth requirements up and down in real-time, creating flexibility, agility and driving cost efficiencies.

Colt says global expansion strategy centers on ensuring that Colt is the driving force behind the critical connections needed to drive businesses forward. The Colt IQ Network currently reaches all the key business hubs across Europe, Asia and North America, connecting to more than 25,000 buildings and over 800 data centers worldwide.

The planned activity in 2018 will further cement Colt’s dense fiber connectivity in key areas, said Colt CEO Carl Grivner.

“Being better connected in 2018 is something that Colt wants to make sure is part of its entire DNA – from the services and infrastructure we invest in, to the customer experience we offer,” he said. “We understand connectivity matters and the expansion pipeline of our Colt IQ Network and On Demand SDN services is the perfect example of how Colt is fully embracing this vision.”

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