Colt launches SD-WAN in Asia + On Demand in Singapore

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Colt Technology Services has announced the launch of its On Demand offering in Singapore, as well as the expansion of its SD-WAN service across the Asia Pacific region.

The two new solutions expand on Colt’s earlier roll-out of a 100-Gbps metro network in Singapore in 2017. Both solutions leverage the Colt IQ Network, which connects to more than 850 data centers and over 27,000 on net buildings globally. The Colt IQ Network also encompasses 51 metro area networks and 207 cities worldwide. In Singapore, Colt’s owned and operated network provides Singaporean firms with a fully-managed, end-to-end connected network.

With its SD-WAN expansion, Colt’s customers can benefit from features such as application based traffic steering, real-time service changes via an interactive customer portal and virtual routing, as well as firewall services enabled via NFV.

Solutions are delivered via universal CPEs, which are now also available on a self-install basis for faster customer delivery. Colt provides a range of network access options including delivery over Colt’s own fiber network, third party internet and 3G/4G at remote sites, with customers also being able to prioritize traffic.

As enterprises continue to demand greater agility, higher performance and network expense optimization, the demand for managed SD-WAN solutions has also accelerated. Gartner forecasts that global enterprise spending on SD-WAN products will grow at a 30.2% CAGR through 2022 to become a $1.8 billion market.

Meanwhile, Colt’s On Demand proposition allows businesses to scale their bandwidth up and down in near real-time, bypassing legacy service delivery processes and lead times.

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