Comba helps ACOM accelerate in-building wireless rollouts in Vietnam

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Comba Telecom Systems has signed a two-year supply partnership deal with Vietnamese in-building systems (IBS) company ACOM Investment.

Under the deal, Comba Telecom will work as ACOM’s supplier to provide IBS products – including its RA-7800 Dual-band Fiber Optic Repeater and RA-7800 II2 and Point of Interface (POI) solution – inside high-rise commercial and residential buildings in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other major cities across Vietnam. Total network coverage will exceed 3,166,300 square meters.

A dedicated team from Comba Telecom will provide on-site training, trouble-shooting and technical support to ensure always-on connections inside ACOM’s high-rise buildings.

These turnkey IBS solutions will enable major Vietnamese telecom operators to improve coverage, frequency bands, and speed of networks across the entire country, Comba says.

Vietnam has in recent years been aggressively advancing its telecom infrastructure to meet massive demand for wireless data services – the country currently has over 49 million internet users (52% of the overall population). In particular, following the Vietnamese government’s latest pledge to invest $111.6 million in the ICT sector by 2020, local telecom and IBS providers are ambitious to capitalize, opening the door for Comba Telecom to become their strategic partner.

By implementing Comba’s active products and POI solutions, ACOM can accommodate the growing demands from local telecom providers for ubiquitous and premium network connectivity inside the buildings without compromising operational efficiency.

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