New concept: Commercial Cookbooks with recipes for quick success

Commercial Cookbooks recipe
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You’ve got a great product that you know could help telecoms service providers minimise their costs or deliver new revenue streams today. 

You know they need this product because you’re well aware they’re facing a real dilemma. They have to invest now to secure their future and the exciting new revenue streams that are on the horizon; but their existing revenue is drying up creating an ever-widening gap between costs and revenues. At the same time, their customers are demanding they innovate faster to deliver against their own evolving needs. 

You know your product can help them, but getting heard above all the noise is almost impossible. It’s extremely difficult to get them to pay attention to you or to understand all the benefits you can deliver. Your sales cycles are therefore lengthy and costly. 

But what if you could generate far more interest in your product and simultaneously cut your sales cycle?

To do this you need to utilise a new concept that our friends at Omnisperience have come up with – Commercial Cookbooks! These cut through the hype and vague marketing promises associated with new technology to deliver focused recipes for service provider success. 

Just as Sales Playbooks provide essential information, advice, hints & tips, and effective best practice for your sales teams; so Commercial Cookbooks provide everything your prospects need to know to implement a new revenue-generating service or to optimise a key aspect of their business operations. Commercial Cookbooks quantify and explain the new opportunity, describe the key ingredients needed to deliver it successfully, provide a clear methodology to fast implementation, and give a concrete example of what success looks like.

Written to meet the needs of your targets, a Commercial Cookbook approach sets you ahead of your competitors by establishing you as a thought leader, clarifying your messages, and distilling your offer into a succinct, tangible, usable and deliverable use case that boosts the effectiveness of your demand generation and speeds your sales cycles.

For more information please contact Omnisperience here.

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