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Digital experience across the Asia-Pacific region needs a boost. The pandemic has certainly fuelled an increase in digital transformation but companies are not aligning that process with a compelling digital experience for customers.

This is according to a survey designed by Sitecore, Ecosystm and AKQA across 600 companies in the region. The study used a digital maturity index that ran from 1 to 5, with a view to providing best practices and benchmarks. The main weakness for businesses is integrating and aligning their digital marketing stacks to better serve their customers.

The sectors that scored well in the study were in banking, insurance and financial services. Retail is also doing well and it is not hard to see how digital experiences using virtual reality and augmented reality would be an obvious step forward for marketing teams in that arena.

It is manufacturing and Government that are not keeping up with the progress in other areas. Perhaps it is simply that those sectors do not perceive the benefits of focusing on the ever more digital customer.

Simply put, digital experience is becoming the customer experience, and fast.

As such, companies need to allocate time and resources to understand the changing needs of their customers, as the pandemic accelerates their increasingly digital requirements.

Companies should also realise that this trend is not one that will stop or reverse once the pandemic is under control.

According to Nick Boyle, Vice President for Sitecore in the region, “Southeast Asia will be home to 310 million digital consumers by the end of this year, and their readiness to use technology presents tremendous opportunities for businesses.”

Eric Orton, Executive Technology Director with AKQA in Australia and New Zealand believes that “customers don’t segment their view of the business by channel, so when considering customer journeys, it’s important to look at the full picture of how your customers are engaging with your business beyond just digital touchpoints.”

As customer experience becomes synonymous with digital experience it is vital that companies focus on how customer perceptions and engagement are changing so that they can keep up with a rapidly changing environment.

You can download the full report here (registration required).

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