Comptel applies AI apps to customer engagement automation

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Comptel has launched its new “Fastermind” suite that leverages artificial intelligence applications to recommend, predict and automate real-time decisions for best next actions enabling customer engagement automation.

Within the suite, Comptel says, Fastermind Real-Time Decisioning increases revenue with automated upsell and cross-sell offers, marketing promotions, notifications and nurturing actions by targeting the right customers at the right time.

Its intuitive user experience allows business users to easily configure new actions and spin up offers quickly, as well as enable their end users to experience “a personalized and contextual customer journey”, where relevant service offers or alerts are received at the peak moment of customer value, said Niilo Fredrikson, EVP Intelligent Data at Comptel.

“The typical customer engagement approach, which relies on sending pre-scheduled campaign content to mass audiences, is not enough for today’s highly demanding customers who expect to be treated as a segment-of-one and contacted at the right moment,” said Fredrikson. “It’s about treating the customer as an individual. Customer-specific and contextually relevant engagement is a powerful tool driving customer value that bears huge revenue potential while cutting operational costs.”

Comptel says its customers have already seen significant benefits from using Fastermind to support customer engagement automation: “The power of its real-time engagement has been evident in numerous use cases, such as 4G package offer adoption, which increased more than 300% over traditional targeting methods for one provider.”

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