Event Preview: Critical Comms World 2017 seeks to make response faster and smarter

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Critical communications are becoming more, well, critical. Not only are the threats to our society and lifestyle becoming more immediate and widespread, but we also expect the response to be faster and more effective than ever before.

Technology is fundamental to the support of critical communications, and with the advent of faster, more reliable mobile communications, that support potentially becomes more robust.

Yet, while the vision of rich communications, IoT-based alarms and HD video delivered by drones from emergency situations is compelling, the old technology is still with us. The new needs to be integrated with the old – or, at least, the transition from old to new must be seamless and remain reliable.

All this and more will be on the menu at Critical Communications World, the leading meeting place for professionals in the field. This year it is being held in Hong Kong, and runs from May 16-18. With over 3,000 attendees and 150 exhibitors, it is clearly the focal point for the industry during the year.

The event covers a wide range of subjects, from country updates to technology trends, from innovation with TETRA to the latest LTE use cases and promise of 5G.

“We have seen that there are two key areas of focus for the industry regarding their networks”, says Jackson Szabo, the event’s producer at Knect365, “one being a focus on optimization, gaining as much as you can from your investment, and the second focus being transition, whereby end users need to understand how they should move their network up the technological food chain to meet end user demands.”

Speakers for the event come from many industries and every region of the world. Attendees will hear from the Managing Director of Malaysia Airport; the Business Developer at the Swedish Ambulance Service; the Vice Chair of the 3GPP SA6 Group at ETSI; the Director of Strategy at Airbus; CTO of the Hong Kong Police; GCBA Secretary of the Ministry for Justice and Security Italy; Assistant Chief of Police at National Police Directorate Norway, and many others.

It is not too much to suggest that this event is instrumental in forming the direction for critical communications now and in the future. And with quick response to an ever evolving variety of scenarios becoming the norm, this event will be an important part of the year’s schedule for industry professionals.

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