CSG International provides Arrow with Ascendon platform to monetize IoT

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CSG Systems International has announced a new agreement with Arrow Electronics to enable quick launch and monetization of solutions across the Internet of Things (IoT).

Under the new agreement, CSG will team with Arrow as part of an IoT ecosystem of companies that work together to create, connect and monetize IoT devices and their interactions.

Arrow will leverage the Digital BSS capabilities of CSG’s Ascendon digital service platform to quickly launch IoT products and services, and configure and monetize revenue-sharing models among partners in the IoT ecosystem.

CSG will deliver Ascendon as a managed service to support Arrow’s large customers with comprehensive settlement capabilities as well as web-based self-care to support on-boarding, product ordering, self-management and role-based security profiles for business customers.

“With the deployment of low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN) optimized for IoT, we are able to support our clients with integrated solutions that move the data they need from deployed products and assets,” said Aiden Mitchell, vice president of IoT global solutions at Arrow. “They can realize the value of their data in efficiency gains, new services and great experiences for their customers. The CSG Ascendon platform allows us to provision our clients’ solution on the network and provide global billing services with a great device management experience.”

“The IoT includes an increasingly complex web of partners and device ecosystems. Together, CSG and Arrow will provide a simplified way to deliver any IoT business model, and put into place the processes and systems needed to drive revenues from device interactions,” said Ian Watterson, vice president at CSG International. “As the IoT rapidly continues to grow and define itself, Arrow and CSG will deliver the flexibility that businesses need to build successful and profitable IoT business models.”

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