CSG adds real-time traffic insights to pay-TV field force management

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CSG has announced the availability of new real-time traffic insights in its field force management solution for pay-TV service providers, designed to boost the cable and satellite industry’s ability to get the right technician to the right job at the right time.

CSG Workforce Express (CSG WFX) integrates real-time traffic data into its service technician routing capabilities. The solution calculates drive time from one job to the next by incorporating all real-time events, including traffic volumes, accidents, events and road closures for a precise route calculation.

This allows field-based service technicians to take the most efficient routes and avoid delays so that promised appointment windows can be met, said Chad Dunavant, head of global product management at CSG.

“The average US commuter spends 42 hours in traffic per year and loses $1,400 idling away gas. For service technicians who are on the road all day, traffic congestion not only impacts time and money, but also customer satisfaction and brand perception,” said Dunavant. “Understanding what’s happening on the road in real-time is an important step toward meeting promised arrival times and improving customer satisfaction ratings.”

As proof of concept, CSG conducted analysis of one large market with 850 technicians performing 2,200 jobs per day. Results:

  • Technicians increased productivity by 2% by adding about 14 more jobs per day
  • 7% of previously scheduled jobs were reassigned and optimized by the routing engine when real-time traffic incidents were considered
  • Drive time decreased by 2.3%, resulting in 3.2 less total driving hours for the day.

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