CSG helps consumers track their telecoms service technicians

Image credit: CSG

CSG says it has launched a new solution called ‘Where’s My Tech’ – a real-time option for consumers to follow the arrival progress of a service technician.

Where’s My Tech offers consumers real-time information about the status of a service technician appointment, enables consumers to digitally follow the technician while they are on their way to the service location, and receive email or SMS messages with the estimated arrival time of their technician’s arrival.

The new solution is part of CSG’s field service management solution, Workforce Express (WFX), which promises the ability to get the right technician, to the right job, at the right time – and now can show consumers exactly where their service technician is and when they will arrive at the job site.

“Today’s digitally-savvy consumers are conditioned to receive updates from the companies they do business with at every step of the customer experience,” said Tim McElligott, senior consulting analyst at Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan. “When those real-time updates don’t happen, the customer experience is tarnished which can potentially have a negative impact on customer satisfaction, and even a Net Promoter Score.”

The Where’s My Tech solution is the latest enhancement to WFX, following the addition of real-time traffic capabilities announced earlier this year.

“CSG’s communications management solutions offer an integrated approach for service providers to manage and more actively engage with their customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle,” said Chad Dunavant, head of product management at CSG.

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