CSL 1010 launches data roaming for airplane passengers

airplane roaming
Image credit: Bignai / Shutterstock.com

CSL says it is first mobile operator in Hong Kong to offer “In-flight Day Pass” to enable customers of its 1010 business branded service to use data roaming while onboard an airplane.

The pass allows customers to continue to use their mobile service during their flight (apart from the usual airline restrictions for wireless device usage during takeoff and landing, etc), provided both the airline and the specific airplane they’re on supports cellular connectivity. CSL says airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Air France, British Airways, Emirates and Singapore Airlines support the service, adding that the list of supporting airlines is growing and increasing fleets are installed with this service.

The In-flight Day Pass comes with a daily fixed rate of HK$178 (around $23). CSL 1010 is promoting the service at a special rate of HK$98 a day from now until the end of November.

Richard Midgett, managing director of HKT’s Wireless Business, said, customers can set their own preference of when to start using data and when to be reminded of their usage via the CSL app.

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