CSP survival strategies for the digital apocalypse: Tech Mahindra

Dhananjay Pavgi, competency head at Tech Mahindra
Dhananjay Pavgi, competency head at Tech Mahindra

CSPs are struggling to keep up with the digital disruption happening all around them.  Video consumption is driving data traffic exponentially but revenues aren’t keeping up proportionate to that growth, IoT will drive the number of connections up tenfold, and 5G is coming faster than anyone initially thought.

Dhananjay Pavgi, competency head at Tech Mahindra, spoke to Disruptive.Asia co-publisher Tony Poulos about the challenges CSPs face in evolving their networks and business models to stay ahead of the deluge, how they should be responding to these trends – and, of course, how Tech Mahindra can be of assistance.

At the very least, he explains, survival in the digital era requires flexible, software-centric platforms enabling microservices for new revenue streams, and delivering an optimal customer experience. Also, forget automation – CSPs will need “hyper-automation” to be able to thrive in the 5G /IoT era.

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