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BSS Automation

Our debate tomorrow on BSS Automation brings together a top class line up of speakers and panellists. They have been invited for their common sense, experience of BSS and their ability to ask, and answer, the tough questions.

As background to the event tomorrow, we conducted polls to gain insights into people’s current viewpoints on BSS Automation and the future of customer interaction generally, which is guided by excellence in BSS processes.

Asked what the most popular channel for customer interaction would be in the future (with a list of automated chatbots, phone, social media and messaging, the web and all of the above), the favoured answer was ‘all of the above’. As Chris Lewis, of Lewis Insight puts it, “we have to do whatever the customer wants us to do. It really is down to them.”

Interestingly, when social media, messaging and automated chatbots are added together, they score 36% of the vote.

This must signal a move towards these channels and, if that is the case, then the industry needs to plan for that eventuality. Now.

The current pandemic has also provided a stimulus in areas such as automation. It does not necessarily signal a seismic change but it does accelerate the direction of travel. Cerillion’s Marketing Director, Dominic Smith notes that the Monthly Active Users of their mobile app increased by 150% in April this year.

Improving process performance through BSS Automation is not just a ‘nice to have’ goal that means that your customers are happy. Improving the processes means that customers, particularly in the B2B world are getting the information they need to check and sign off bills quicker and more efficiently. This means fewer meetings with sales people about billing problems and that means more time to discuss new ideas, new contracts and new ways of improving the overall experience.

For the event, we have invited leading BSS Analyst Chris Lewis and TM Forum BSS lead George Glass to debate these important issues on Thursday 9th July at 9.00 a.m. British Summer Time /4.00 p.m Singapore (for an hour). The event will be interactive, practical and will address some important issues for the future of customer experience.

Some of the questions we will address include:

  • How would you sell automating BSS to the CEO – cost savings, efficiency, customer service and sales opportunities?
  • Who is the biggest beneficiary – Billing Manager, CFO, Revenue Assurance, IT, customers or someone else?
  • If you were in charge of a project to automate BSS, what questions would you ask the vendor/SI team?
  • Are telcos capable of automating?
  • Why is it never as easy as it looks and sounds in PowerPoint?

The event is made possible with the support of Cerillion, a ground breaking provider of cloud-based BSS.

Register here for Cutting the BS from BSS Automation – short registration form – and join our excellent line for a lively discussion.

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