CyberAgent taps Huawei for intent-based cloud data center network

Tomohiko Sawadaishi, chief network architect of CyberAgent, talks about the experience in building a cloud data center network using Huawei CloudFabric.

Japanese internet company CyberAgent announced that it has built a cloud data center network with intent-based network capabilities – and comprised fully of fixed switches – using Huawei’s CloudFabric solution.

As cloud computing, AI, and big data go global, rapid service changes pose higher requirements on data centers. In addition, one of the major challenges that CyberAgent needed to overcome was how to construct a data center network with high availability and high scalability while achieving smooth evolution towards an intent-based network (or ‘intent-driven network’ [IDN], as Huawei brands it).

Speaking at the Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2018 in Shenzhen, CyberAgent chief network architect Tomohiko Sawadaishi explained that one of the core cornerstones of his company’s strategy requires a cloud data center network with high availability, high scalability, and continuous evolution towards intelligence and automation.

“Based on comprehensive evaluation, Huawei’s Intent-Driven CloudFabric provides high-standard solutions and devices to meet requirements for constructing our next-generation cloud data center,” he said.

The pitch of Huawei CloudFabric is to construct a network entirely out of fixed switches. The solution uses a spine-leaf architecture, supports technologies such as EVPN and VXLAN, and can be integrated with third-party automation management tools.

A key feature is high-bandwidth interconnection and large-buffer access, with CE8800 switches used as spine nodes, providing 64 x 100GE ports, and CE6800 switches used as leaf nodes, provide 100GE uplink ports, achieving 100GE interconnection within the data center. In addition, the CE6870 series provide an ultra-large buffer of up to 4 GB, effectively coping with traffic surges on the network and providing high quality transmission of services such as VOD, gaming, and searching.

“Industries are now starting to enter the latter stage of their digital transformation,” said Leon Wang, general manager of Huawei’s Data Center Network Domain. “Enterprise data centers are no longer merely business support centers, but have also become value creation centers.”

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