The deadline for the disclosure of US UAPs looms – what will it reveal?

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UAPs, as US officials insist on calling UFOs, are at the top of the agenda. Part of the COVID relief plan came with an interesting paragraph – that the US Government should publish its archive of documents on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs).

This document was signed last December, and since then, more and more videos, evidence and tales of little green (sometimes grey) men have emerged.

Among those who have gone public about UAPs are a couple of senior Senators and ex-President Barack Obama, who admits that there are objects in the skies above us that we simply cannot explain. He is quick to point out, as are others, that because we cannot explain them does not mean that they are aliens ready for the ‘big reveal.’

During the first half of this year, one of the big stories about UAPs came from Israel. A retired intelligence chief and space advisor, Chaim Eshed, ‘came clean’ and announced that we had been visited by an alien Federation, who had had talks with humans and had decided that we were not ready to meet.

It might freak us out, frankly.

This revelation caused everyone who believes in UAPs (and particularly aliens) to redouble their theories, and there was a wave of sentiment that we were building up to something BIG.

However, if you look at the Israeli TV channel that broke the news, you might be a little disappointed. Eshed also said that the aliens are working in an underground site on Mars, with the US and other people to figure out the fabric of the Universe.

At this point, your thinking goes from embracing UAPs and the cargo they might carry to whether we have a cure for dementia yet.

We still sway between belief in aliens buzzing us in their UAPs, to wanting to believe in aliens buzzing us in their UAPs, to tut-tutting and asking whether there isn’t something sensible we should be getting on with.

Of course, there is the theory that UAPs are the product of a foreign power that has built technology beyond our knowledge, which is probably too scary to consider. And anyway, if a ‘foreign’ power had that much technological advantage, surely they would have used it by now, and we would be talking [insert name of foreign power].

The truth is almost certainly somewhere in the middle.

There are too many recorded sightings of UAPs for us not to be able to see the official sightings for ourselves.

When we do, a short week from now, the speculation will continue, almost certainly increase, about what on Earth these thousands of UAPs are. We will dig out more footage of triangular craft seen in Area 51, strange disks that crashed in Siberia and a host of other fuzzy footage.

What we will probably conclude is that UAPs are exactly that – Unexplained Aerial Phenomena.

But it would be exciting to be wrong, right?

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