Deep Dive: Starhub CEO on the impact of 5G and monetisation

impact of 5G

In the final part of our Deep Dive with Starhub CEO, Peter Kaliaropoulos, we explore the impact of 5G on the industry and customers.

There is no doubt in Peter’s mind that 5G will disrupt things, because ‘it is not just another G’. The impact of 5G on the industry will be more to do with data collection and analysis that simply speed or latency. It will provide models that guide customers as they, like telecoms companies, seek to monetise 5G.

Content will become more relevant to the telecoms world as will issues such as cybersecurity and latency.

The big issue around the impact of 5G (and the thing that worries Peter) is the massive capital investment that 5G demands. His worry is that consumers will not pay more yet the applications that are driving 5G are not, as many predict, enterprise applications. Of course, enterprises will take up network slices, with all the benefits that brings and develop closed user groups.

Augmented reality and gaming, however, are taking off much quicker than previously thought and the big question for the industry – and Starhub – is whether telecoms companies can increase consumer ARPU by even $2 or $3 a month.

A frustration (both ours and Peter’s) is that telecoms should be sexy right now. It is, after all, a key player in keeping our world ticking along. Yet, while share prices should be through the roof, they simply are not.

The impact of 5G cannot be underestimated.

Watch the video and get some top level insights into what that impact is likely to have on our industry and what we might do to take advantage of the opportunities.

You can watch Part One here and Part Two here.

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