Deep Dive with Angus Ward – are operators grasping the 5G opportunities?

Angus Ward 5G

Angus Ward is CEO of BearingPoint//Beyond. We were lucky enough to catch up with Angus, to deep dive and get some further insights into a survey that we wrote about on 5G and how operators are grasping the opportunities.

The short answer is that operators are still not thinking far enough beyond connectivity, according to Angus. The investment in 5G will be in the region of $1 trillion by 2024 but the predictions are that revenue will only increase by 2%. We know that the revenue from, say, 4G is split 95% from digital services and 5% connectivity. This must change.

The majority of operators are still working out their business models but the consensus is that the real opportunity lies in the business market, not the consumer market, at least not immediately, says Ward.

The stark fact is that if CSPs do not deliver orchestrated ecosystems, someone else will. If that happens, we will stare once again at a new generation of OTTs and digital service providers taking the business for themselves.

The picture is not all bleak, though, and we invite you to view the video where Angus Ward shares his insights into the real 5G opportunity, with some specific notes on the Asia Pacific region.

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