Dialog Axiata launches eSIM profile for wearables and other IoT devices

Dialog Axiata eSIM
Image credit: Dialog Axiata

Dialog Axiata has announced the commercial deployment of embedded SIM (eSIM) technology, along with the launch of the eSIM-compatible Huawei Watch 2 smart watch in Sri Lanka.

The pre-installed eSIM in wearables gives customers the ability to have a connection for their devices independent of a smartphone, eliminating the need for pairing devices and to be within a range of distance for connectivity.

eSIM eliminated the need for a physical SIM, empowering the subscriber to remotely sign up for services by activating the profile over the internet. This will enable many technologically advanced applications in the areas of smart devices and IoT.

The Dialog eSIM profile can be downloaded on to the device by scanning a QR code which will be sent via email to the customer upon registration. The Dialog ‘One Number’ solution can be activated between the phone and wearable device – enabling the device to operate independently from the phone whilst using the same mobile number.

Along with the launch of the eSIM technology, Dialog will be introducing the Huawei Watch 2 smart watch as the first eSIM-enabled device in Sri Lanka.

“eSIMs have been introduced in to machine-to-machine applications including remote monitoring, smart watches, smart cars with onboard entertainment and performance monitoring, and are expected to be adopted for upcoming smartphone releases by handset manufacturers,” said Dr. Rainer Deutschmann, group chief operating officer, Dialog Axiata. “With this development, Dialog is capable of enabling any device with an eSIM that complies with ‘Remote SIM Provisioning Phase 2 Standard’, which is the most recently released eSIM standard by GSMA.”

The GSMA recently halted work temporarily on the eSIM standard after the US Department of Justice launched an investigation into alleged coordination between the group, AT&T and Verizon Communications.

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