Dialog leverages opportunities in the cloud value chain

Dialog Axiata cloud value chain
Pradeep de Almeida speaking at the Carrier Cloud Transformation Summit during Win-Win·Huawei Innovation Week

Cloud is becoming a crucial part of any digital transformation and is now considered a key economic factor because of its ability to reshape the economic structure and market landscape of individual businesses.

The telecom industry has been quick to embrace cloud-based offerings for future growth, particularly with the rollout of 5G networks. Telcos have entered a critical stage of cloud transformation, resulting in many new opportunities and challenges.

According to Gartner, carriers worldwide will increase their IT infrastructure investment in cloud transformation at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27% in the next five years. 15% of operators worldwide are expected to develop and fully implement a comprehensive cloud strategy by the end of 2023, resulting in a telecommunications cloud market worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

To support this expansion and take advantage of the new markets these technologies are creating, operators must prioritize the construction of a more efficient and agile ICT infrastructure. This was highlighted in a recent presentation by Chen Xuejun, Director of Huawei Carrier IT Marketing & Solution Sales, at the company’s Carrier Cloud Transformation Summit, part of its Win-Win Innovation Week.

He announced Huawei’s first suite of global scenario-based cloud solutions for carriers that focus on monetizing networks, innovating services, and optimizing operations to help carriers embrace cloud transformation and growth acceleration. By utilizing three decades of telecom experience, Huawei can help operators select the best cloud transformation strategy, plan the best could transformation path considering data, security, system stability and service agility and help select trusted partners.

Dialog Axiata’s cloud strategy

This was later demonstrated in a real-world presentation by Pradeep de Almeida, Group Chief Technology Officer of Dialog Axiata PLC, Sri Lanka’s leading quad-play connectivity operator that currently enjoys a strong market position across all business segments but is facing the same challenges that operators worldwide must address.

Dialog Axiata cloud value chain
Pradeep de Almeida speaking at the Carrier Cloud Transformation Summit during Win-Win·Huawei Innovation Week

Users are demanding more complex services with a better experience. OPEX continues to grow with a resulting drop in profit margins, and legacy systems and services limit business growth. Dialog has had to act fast to capture the growing B2B enterprise market.

This is achieved by converging network, local cloud gateway to multi-cloud platforms and broader strategic partnerships with leading system integrators (SIs). A robust billing system and 24 X 7 service promises have enabled Dialog to move upstream in the cloud value chain.

Dialog Enterprise, the corporate solutions arm of Dialog Axiata PLC, announced its intention to develop On-Premise Huawei Cloud (Hybrid Cloud) solutions in May 2022. Dialog Hybrid Cloud then became available in May 2022 and paved the way for local enterprises to use public cloud services, eliminating unnecessary data outflow from Sri Lanka.

When talking about the criteria for choosing cloud transformation partners, Pradeep said the partner should have the capability to scale up, and should be secure enough to depend on it. And also other things like latency and time to market, how fast they can get it sorted out. Those are key criteria that will decide who is the partner and together to take the cloud migration journey forward.

Reducing capital investments

Rather than making capital investments into hardware, storage, and servers to maintain them, enterprises can harness and scale cloud resources when needed, paying only for the services/resources they require. Ensuring the same standardization, self-service, automation, and analytics capabilities that exist in the public cloud, the partnership facilitates secure private clouds for customers along with servers, storage, and customized enterprise, private, and public cloud solutions as required by enterprises.

Dialog Enterprise can now offer end-to-end services as a preferred one-stop shop bringing convenience and efficiency. This, in turn, effectively makes the network an extension of the cloud driven by the edge.

Find out more about how carriers can achieve cloud transformation via this link.

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