Digi launches digital media truck as part of new outdoor digital ad solution

digi media truck
Image credit: Digi

Malaysian cellco Digi has introduced an outdoor digital advertising solution that includes a “billboard on wheels” – a truck that drives around displaying digital ads that can be customized and updated in real time.

Digi’s new Hyperlocal Media solution targets businesses of all sizes with a portfolio of in- and outdoor advertising solutions, from in-store screens and large format digital billboards to digitally-branded vehicles like the Hyperlocal Media Truck, the first Hyperlocal Media offering launched on Friday.

The mobile digital truck helps businesses reach hard-to-hit locations to deliver more immediate and targeted results.

The media trucks work like branded vehicles – which Digi says are effective marketing tools that help businesses breed familiarity in localized areas – except that the truck can be customized in real time in a number of ways. Businesses can customise media plans in a variety of durations, target specific geographic and demographic audiences close to their point of sales, and update content to stay on top of market trends and movements.

Another advantage of the Hypelocal Media Truck over standard branded vehicles, says Digi, is that business owners can capitalize on benefits of branded vehicles without needing to own and maintain any of them.

Hyperlocal Media’s digital truck service is currently available in the Klang Valley area and is targeted to expand into non-conventional places with high traffic within the region to reach a wider audience. Digi says businesses could reach up to 3 million customers per month by piggy-backing on Hyperlocal Media’s Top 10 routes that cover approximately 50% of Klang Valley’s population, or customize their own route.

“Digital technology is a great leveler, and this is a way to make effective marketing tools accessible to more businesses at an affordable price, without the hassle and red-tape it usually involves,” said Digi’s Chief Digital Officer, Praveen Rajan. “Hyperlocal Media provides business owners the opportunity to increase brand familiarity at their convenience and control, and all done online. The ability to change branded content in real-time helps businesses skip the normal lengthy and often costly procedures for static billboards, and get right into delivering messages to their customers at the right time, in the right place and across different channels.”

Hyperlocal Media is one of the businesses managed by Digi’s venture building arm, Digi-X, working to expand the company’s digital product portfolio and revenue streams.

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