Accelerating digital transformation with platform & intelligence

Bill Tang, President of Huawei Global Technical Service

At the Accelerate Transformation towards Digital Business Forum, held in conjunction with MWC19 in Barcelona, Bill Tang, President of Huawei Global Technical Service, delivered a keynote speech titled “Accelerate Digital Transformation with Platform and Intelligence” in which he outlined how Huawei can help operators reshape their mindset, business, operations and ecosystem and achieve business success by leveraging platform and intelligence.

In the past few years, Huawei has witnessed many successful companies. The key to their success lies in that they built powerful intelligent platforms that changed their business model, operational model and ecosystem. In new era, the platform and intelligence will become the key driving force of operators’ digital transformation. The platform and intelligence will help operators reshape their mindset, business, operations and ecosystem, enabling them to success at a higher level. 

Reshaping mindset: Think big, start small with continuous iterations

For rapid changing user requirements, product development needs to remain very close to the end users. The Design Thinking method is introduced to review user requirements from an outside-in perspective, and realize agile iteration based on quick understanding of user requirements. 

But how do Huawei achieve agile iteration? Huawei needs to start from small scenarios, instead of total reconstruction, and then iterate quickly to Quick Win. We can expand the MVP (minimum viable product) to other scenarios. All of these require the support of platform and intelligence, and joint cross-function team to realize agile DevOps model.

For the digital transformation, Huawei together with Sunrise in Switzerland began from the WTTe Internet service, and then will expand to WTTe VPN and SD-WAN/5G FWA services. Digital platform plays an important role in enabling agile iteration, as 80% of the business process, 80% of the IT APIs and 30% of network APIs can be reused for other use cases. 

Reshaping business: Embrace new opportunities, build new experience, and help operators achieve business growth

For operators, customer experience is an essential foundation for continuous business growth. The platform and intelligence will bring the superior experience and create more business opportunities.

For different users and services (such as video, mobile gaming, and VIP users), operators can provide differentiated experience in speed, latency etc., and monetize the differentiated experience with offering and services. In addition, the digital platform can help operators to orchestrate their cloud-and-network business capabilities to match the changing requirements of various vertical segments, such as B2B, Smart City and IoT. This, thereby helps operators explore the new blue ocean market by targeting enterprise customers. With the development of digital services, many operators are choosing experience index instead of network KPIs for rollout. The digital platform will also help operators in building an experience-oriented network. 

Reshaping operation: Operational efficiency improvements, driven by data flow and supported by digital platform

The digital platform will also reshape operators’ current operational process and business models by optimizing user experience-related touchpoints along with their customer journey. It continuously improves the process and activities automation rate for different roles. For example, sales personnel will no longer need to manually input customer and product information into different silo platforms. Instead, a digital platform will be adopted to simplify the process.

The digital platform can be integrated into operators’ general operational process to realize operation efficiency improvement. Based on new enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM), we can streamline the break points in strategy, infrastructure, product management and operational process. By using data flows, it enables agile and precise operation which has become industry consensus and significantly improves operational efficiency. 

Huawei Global Technical Service is also increasing investments in building our own digital platform. Huawei is connecting and integrating several silo systems into a unified one, streamlining the discrete, manual and broken processes to improve process automation. 

Reshaping ecosystem: Build an open and diversified ecosystem based on Huawei service digital platform

Huawei packages complex business and process into services APIs,and embrace complexity within ourselves to provide simplicity to our customers and partners. It significantly helps to reduce technical and business barriers, and promotes diversified ecosystem with positive business cycle.

Huawei also launched Digital Transformation Practice Center (DTPC), which supports joint innovations and practices with operators. As a digital transformation accelerator, the Open ROADS Community (OPRC) continuously provides an overall transformation framework. Cloud Open Labs, on the other hand, allow us to perform pre-integration verification together with industry partners. So far, we have 6000+ developers and 200+ partners. More than 750 innovative APIs have been developed. 

“Change ourselves before serving customers”

Huawei Global Technical Service is transforming towards “platform and intelligence” internally: Huawei has built new organizational structures based on “platform and intelligence”, to streamline silo systems. Huawei has adopted digital technologies in several traditional areas, such as LIVESITE and AUTIN to realize intelligent operations. It also helps to better engage our customers with more flexible business model such as cloud services and use cases.

Looking ahead, Huawei will continue to leverage its strengths and experience in product, technology, and professional services in order to become a trusted and innovative partner for operators in digital transformation. Let’s accelerate digital transformation with platform and intelligence.Huawei will bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world.

This article was sponsored by Huawei Global Technical Service.

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