Disruptive decision-making key to digital transformation

Digital transformation has become a strategic priority for almost every organisation around the world.

It has moved out of the realm of ad hoc experimentation into a widespread adoption as companies seek to better connect with their customers and disrupt themselves or their industry to create business value.

Yet getting digital transformation right is a major concern for many business and government leaders – it’s a lot more than just digitising a process or implementing a new technology platform or hiring in digital expertise.

The reality is there is no one formula for success.

Australian mega-telecoms operator, Telstra, has published a definitive white paper called Disruptive Decision-Making that takes a fresh look at the challenges leaders face as they seek to make the right decisions on how to approach digital transformation to deliver the outcomes that will ultimately drive growth.

To shed light on these challenges and many more, Telstra surveyed 3,810 respondents from 12 industries in 14 markets around the world.

The research provides insight into how organisations are making successful digital transformation decisions, identify the areas for improvement in the decision-making process, and how decision-making influences the outcomes of key organisational goals.

It helps to not only explain the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of digital transformation but also the ‘how’ and is highly recommended.

The Disruptive Decision-Making white paper can be downloaded here.

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