DoCoMo, DeNA to trial 5G remote monitoring for self-driving vehicles

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NTT DoCoMo and DeNA have jointly announced a trial in which they will use a 5G mobile system to provide remote monitoring and passenger assistance for self-driving vehicles.

For the initial trial, a vehicle and a remote center will be connected via a 5G network with ultra-high-speed data rates beyond 10 Gbps and extra-low latency. High-resolution video images captured with high-definition cameras mounted on the vehicle will be transferred in real time via the 5G network, which will allow the center to check for any driving irregularities and provide passengers with assistance as required.

The trial will be demonstrated during DoCoMo R&D Open House 2016, which will take place at the DoCoMo R&D Center in the Yokosuka Research Park near Yokohama on November 17 and 18. DeNA’s Robot Shuttle driverless bus will be used to demonstrate the transmission of live video from the bus via a 5G network.

The collaboration, which will combine DoCoMo’s 5G wireless technologies and DeNA’s expertise in services incorporating self-driving technologies, aims to realize extra-safe driverless services for remote monitoring and assistance.

DoCoMo is conducting research and development of LTE and 5G systems for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications. DeNA (pronounced “D-N-A”), a mobile and online services provider in Japan that has collaborated with leading companies in multiple industries, is currently developing transportation services that utilize self-driving and advanced infrastructure technologies.

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