DoCoMo launches IoT service to monitor US industrial fridges

docomo IoT monitor
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NTT DoCoMo USA has announced the immediate launch of an IoT-driven temperature- and humidity-monitoring service for industrial refrigerators and freezers in the US.

Customers can use smartphones or PCs to monitor the temperature and humidity of their equipment, get alerts in the event of any abnormality, receive monthly reports on temperature and humidity trends, and change settings based on such reports.

DoCoMo developed the service in collaboration with IoT solutions company myDevices. The system uses the LoRaWAN specification, a low-power, wide area networking protocol introduced by the LoRa Alliance, which enables sensors to run for more than five years without replacement.

Temperature and humidity data collected at grocery stores and restaurants are available in the cloud in real time for temperature management (including automation of processes such as visual confirmations by employees) and reduced food wastage.

docomo IoT monitor
Image credit: NTT DoCoMo

Refrigeration temperature management is an important issue for grocery stores and restaurants, because equipment breakdowns can lead directly to food spoilage. Despite the high demand for industrial refrigerators with remote monitoring functionality, such equipment is expensive and replacement cycles can be long, so many refrigerators without such functionality are operating in the US market.

DoCoMo is charging $99 per month for the service.

The new service has been launched under DoCoMo’s “Globiot” global IoT initiative, which was introduced in July to provide global connectivity and operational support and consulting to Japanese enterprises that have global IoT operations.

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