DoCoMo, SK Telecom unveil dueling 5G booths for MWC 2018

The MWC 2018 previews continue with NTT DoCoMo and SK Telecom revealing their respective 5G technology showcases – both of which will be located in Hall 3.

NTT DoCoMo said it will demonstrate use cases for its latest 5G technology, which it is aiming to commercialize in Japan by 2020. Highlights include a live Japanese calligraphy demonstration by a humanoid robot that uses 5G to mirror the operator’s movements in real-time and perform tasks remotely.

docomo MWC 5G

Other exhibits:

  • Diorama Stadium: a new viewing experience for sports and entertainment combining 5G’s high-speed and high-capacity with AR technology.
  • New Concept Cart: a 5G-connected autonomous vehicle equipped with 4K cameras, sensors and digital signage.
  • Landlog: a construction site platform utilizing AR, IoT and 5G communications for increased safety, efficiency and productivity.

For the first time at MWC, NTT DoCoMo will be jointly exhibiting with NTT Group, presenting a range of technologies developed with partners as well as examples of the B2B2X business model, such as AI and IoT-based speech recognition technology and a “fishery ICT buoy”.

Not to be outdone, SK Telecom is billing its booth as “5G diplomacy”, complete with a exclusive exhibition zone (theme: “Perfect 5G”) showcasing technologies such as 5G NSA (Non-Standalone) and a 5G-LTE interworking technology that transmits data by crossing between the main LTE frequency band (2.6 GHz) and two 5G frequency bands (3.5 GHz·and 28 GHz).

sk telecom MWC 5G

SK Telecom will also show off “hologram AI” technology, its 5G self-driving car, and related technologies like V2X and a 3D HD map.

SK Telecom will also introduce at MWC 2018 its interactive real-time virtual reality video platform, “oksusu Social VR”.

Oksusu Social VR combines VR with the real-time community feature of SK Telecom’s oksusu media platform service to enable users to watch video content with peers all around the world and share words with each other in the virtual space.

sk telecom oksusu Social VR

Oksusu Social VR offers the viewing equivalent of an 80-inch full HD screen. SK Telecom expects to upgrade the image quality to 8K when 5G becomes more widely available.

At MWC 2018, will be showcasing three different virtual spaces: the League of Legend contest, an SM concert video, and an SK Wyverns baseball game.

SK Telecom says it plans to commercialize oksusu Social VR later this year, and will expand the platform for use cases such as commerce, advertisements, entertainment, and others.

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