DoCoMo and Sumitomo test real-time traffic monitoring over 5G

docomo sumitomo traffic monitoring 5G
Image credit: NTT DoCoMo

Sumitomo Electric Industries and NTT DoCoMo announced that they have been jointly testing the real-time collection and delivery of traffic information using high-definition sensors connected via a 5G mobile network for advanced driving support.

The system networks sensors that have been mounted on vehicles and installed along roadsides or in buildings to collect traffic information that is analyzed in real time and then fed back to drivers and pedestrians.

The test – which has been ongoing since September – is being conducted at a course within the Yokohama Works of Sumitomo Electric. Sensors have been installed along the course and in vehicles. The vehicles are also equipped with DoCoMo 5G terminals that communicate with DoCoMo 5G base stations installed at the course.

The data is collected with high-definition cameras, LiDAR sensors that use laser light to measure the distances and positions of targets and millimeter-wave sensors that use radio waves to measure distances and positions.

docomo sumitomo traffic monitoring 5G
Image credit: NTT DoCoMo

The test is enabling Sumitomo Electric and DoCoMo to study how to ensure that traffic data is instantaneous and visible and how to make systems as user-friendly as possible to provide vehicles and pedestrians with safe, practical assistance.

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