DRM WIRE: Nagra, Verimatrix and Irdeto secure stuff

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Video DRM action this day: Nagra secures KT SkyLife’s hybrid satellite/mobile service; Verimatrix supplies multi-DRM protection for TFC’s OTT services; Irdeto provides armor for Android TV

Nagra secures KT SkyLife’s hybrid satellite/mobile service

Nagra announced that it is securing a new hybrid satellite/mobile service for South Korean satellite broadcaster and current customer KT SkyLife.

The new mobile satellite TV service, SkyLife LTE TV (SLT), is a hybrid media service that allows passengers in cars and buses to enjoy high-definition satellite programming in real-time “on-the-go” and without interruption caused from traveling in heavy rain or through South Korea’s tunnels. By providing an LTE backup signal via KT LTE network, it enables a seamless viewing experience when vehicles enter or leave areas with a weak satellite signal.

KT SkyLife expect demand for mobile services to surge with the advent of 5G and autonomous vehicles. Read more …

Verimatrix supplies multi-DRM protection for TFC’s OTT services

Verimatrix announced the delivery and implementation of its next-generation Video Content Authority System (VCAS) to Tohokushinsha Film Corporation (TFC) to secure its OTT services.

The cloud-based deployment includes MultiRights OTT for digital rights management (DRM) as part of VCAS Ultra. The framework is designed to support multi-DRM as well as meet 4K/UHD content security requirements.

Because it allows for the inclusion of third-party DRM solutions and client devices under the VCAS umbrella, it supports TFC’s large array of OTT devices, including those with embedded DRM options. Looking toward the future, the selection of VCAS Ultra platform enables TFC to be prepared for UHD/4K content delivery in the future. Read more …

Irdeto provides armor for Android TV

Irdeto has launched its Android TV security solution, named “Irdeto Armor.” Designed to protect the device, data and services built on Android TV, Irdeto Armor  provides operators with the ability to securely manage this open platform.

Irdeto Armor for Android TV enables operators to reap the benefits of Android TV while maintaining full control of security on their platform, including managing content piracy and preventing loading of unauthorized software.

Irdeto supports a variety of chipsets from its partners, and Irdeto Armor for Android TV comes pre-integrated and ready-to-certify with its cardless CA solution, Irdeto Cloaked CA. The pre-integrated solution enables operators to shorten the launch time of a hybrid set-top box by three to six months, Irdeto says. Read more …

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