And now for something completely different: Electric Sexy Drum Pants

Electric Sexy Drum Pants yo
Image credit: OTOK

ITEM: Your latest candidate for the Internet of Silly Things (IoST): connected pants that play music when you tap the naughty bits.

No, really.

They’re called Banggos – a.k.a. “Electric Sexy Drum Pants” – and they’re the brainchild of Japanese startup OTOK, founded by kaoringMachine (that’s the guy’s name).

I’ll let the press release explain:

Envisioning a new definition for what is a musical instrument, Banggos let you play to your heart’s content in any way that you wish! It’s about finding your own style. Jam with friends at music sessions, break out those new dance moves, party it up and more!


Banggos comes in two different sensor types. One is a soft touch sensor that sends vibrations from taps directly to the crotch area. The other is in a simple push-button style that enables quality performance.

Banggos has a 3.5mm audio jack and is compatible with Wi-Fi, MIDI, touch sensor, and speaker devices. Audio can be played through the Banggos iOS App (4 types of sound), the Banggos device (4 types of sound), or DAW software (AbletonLive, Max for Live, Max) as midi out.

The Banggos device fits in the Banggos Pocket located at the crotch of the pants. Both trousers and shorts have an adjustable drawstring, belt loops, and an elastic waistband and ankle cuffs. Flexible twill fabric made of rayon and stretchy material is made to move in easily and can be worn over regular pants.

If that doesn’t help get the concept across, I commend to you this helpful demo video.

I’ve no idea if they’re serious, no.

The tagline is: “Simple. Stylish. Silly.” So at least it’s a candidate for the IoST whose silliness is intentional.

Anyway, kaoringMachine launched a Kickstarter project on Thursday to crowdfund it, and is hoping to raise $5,000, by August 11.

You’re welcome.

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