Elon Musk, the Pyramids and a new theory about aliens

Elon Musk
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When Elon Musk commented that the Pyramids must have been built by aliens, you had to wonder: is he right and why did he make the comment.

The Pyramids have long been considered extraordinary feats of engineering but, of course, there are others. Stonehenge in England, for one and a range of temples and pyramids across parts of Latin America, that belonged to Mayans or Aztecs.

The Egyptian ones are the focus of many UFO and alien claims. They beam energy into space – presumably to communicate with the Star Man waiting in the sky. Just recently, according to ‘reliable sources’, pyramids around the world started beaming light towards a mysterious cloud in space.

Until recently, such a feat of engineering seemed impossible with the technology of the day. Mind you, in a thousand years from now – if the Earth hasn’t turned into the new Mars – people might wonder at technologies, like some of Musk’s inventions, and think ‘hmm, how did they do that with the technology of the day?’ Which, let’s face it, is a fair question.

It is also clear – now – that Elon Musk does not believe that aliens have been here and “to use the Great Pyramids in Egypt as an example, archaeologists have clearly shown how these structures fit in a broader tradition of smaller stone structures and earlier attempts at pyramid construction.”

“The building technology is impressive, but we don’t need to invoke aliens to explain it.”

In fact, a man demonstrated how Stonehenge could have been built without much technology, but a lot of know-how – in this video.

There are, naturally, a stack of hypotheses about how the Pyramids work (in the ‘beaming energy into space’ theory) and they range from electro-magnetic grids inside the structures to the theory that they were ancient power plants (that powered what is unclear).

Search for alien theories online and you could be there all week. They range from Antarctica being a gateway to alien civilisations (we will soon find out, as the ice is melting), to an explanation of quantum theory found in 2000 year old texts. Now ‘scientists’ are urging Elon Musk to go and pick up that 10 mile long alien spaceship that is clearly visible on the moon.

All of these theories are fun. Some of the theories, backed up by pretty convincing video footage, are either scary or fascinating depending on whether you want to be part of a Close Encounter.

So, here is another theory. Elon Musk is behind some of the most advanced, futuristic technology on the planet. From the leading electric cars, to a constellation of satellites, to Hyperloop, to a technology that will allow information to be transmitted straight into the brain (a demo of Neuralink is scheduled for today) to who knows what.

Is this alien technology gradually being brought into our world? At a rate that won’t alarm us? Are we being prepared for interstellar travel and an introduction to the neighbours?

And if so, is Elon Musk an alien? He does look a bit, you know…

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  1. My favorite is the 10,000 year old “Black Knight” satellite 🛰 in Earth’s orbit….

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