Ericsson teams with Orange and PSA Group for 5G car pilot project

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Ericsson, Orange and PSA Group have signed a partnership agreement to conduct a 5G technology pilot project for automotive applications.

The “Towards 5G” connected car partnership aims to leverage 4G-to-5G evolution to address connected vehicle requirements such as intelligent transport systems (ITS), road safety, and new automotive and in-car services.

The partnership is focused on vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) architecture, as well as the technologies required to deploy real-time ITS and connected vehicle services. Initial tests will use an end-to-end architecture system based on LTE technology before evolving to LTE-V and 5G technologies.

Ericsson said the first use cases for Cooperative ITS have been defined and are currently being tested, including the ability to share images between connected vehicles on a road (so that the driver in the following vehicle can “see through” the vehicle ahead) and real-time notification that an emergency vehicle is approaching.

Ericsson will provide the radio and a distributed virtualized core network to enable network slicing capabilities and intelligent geo-messaging. PSA Group is in charge of automotive use case requirement definition, embedded architecture integration, user experience and technical validation. And Orange will supply the cellular network for field trials as well as the on-board connectivity integrating vehicular use cases.

“Connected IoT services are a crucial way to enhance the user experience for our customers, who today demand unprecedented levels of comfort and convenience as well as personalised services in their vehicles,” said Carla Gohin, VP of Research, Innovation and Advanced Technologies at PSA Group.

“Connected vehicles are part of our IoT strategic vision along with home, smart cities, e-health and Industry 4.0. Vehicle manufacturers expect us to provide the connectivity they need for remote maintenance management, for example, or to keep on-board systems software permanently up-to-date,” said Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière, executive VP of Innovation, Marketing and Technologies at Orange.

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