Ericsson, China Mobile and Mobike partner for smart travel apps

Ericsson, China Mobile and Mobike
Image source: Ericsson

Ericsson has signed an MoU with China Mobile’s Government and Enterprise Customers Branch and Mobike for a “smart travel” partnership to explore and develop digital services and accelerate the application of new IoT technologies related to bike-sharing.

The MoU follows up on last year’s trial by Ericsson, China Mobile Shanghai and Mobike of an end-to-end application trial based on a live cellular IoT network in Shanghai.

The MoU outlines the specific areas for collaboration, including:

  • Optimize the existing IoT solution for bicycle sharing and jointly develop key technologies for the next generation travel. The three parties will pilot the application of new IoT technologies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Sichuan, and jointly optimize the end-to-end IoT solution for bicycle sharing, to improve the user experience, and to promote the maturing of the bicycle-sharing ecosystem.
  • Jointly explore big data on travel and work together to drive global collaboration for bicycle sharing. The three parties will promote information sharing and explore smart travel solutions, provide cooperation for the global strategic expansion of Mobike, and jointly develop a one-stop global IoT connection platform.
  • Improve the digital service level in smart transportation. They will work together to develop digital service applications for smart travel and improve the overall digital service level of smart travel.

The MoU is being positioned by the companies as a response to the Chinese government’s call for green travel and the “Belt and Road” initiative.

Wang Xiaofeng, co-founder and CEO of Mobike, said Mobike currently operates more than 4 million bicycles for smart sharing in over 60 cities worldwide and provides over 20 million trips of short-distance travel service a day. “By collaborating with Ericsson and China Mobile, Mobike will use cutting-edge IoT technologies to continue to dramatically improve user experience, increase our advantage in technology, and accelerate our strategic expansion across the globe.”


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